The Doctors and staff at Bright Eyes Vision Clinic give back to the world in unique ways:

  • We travel out of the country to provide care in impoverished areas, including Guatemala and Argentina.
  • We donate free care to low-income patients through Hope Clinic of Garland, and to homeless patients through City House of Plano.
  • We provide eye care for young children ages newborn through 5 years old, including a free exam for infants 6-12 months old through the foundation InfantSee.
  • We provide care for special needs and non-verbal patients, including an accurate glasses prescription without requiring them to cooperate or respond. We also accommodate patients with sensory aversions and do not require them to use invasive equipment. We have small non-contact equipment to help them receive care they are comfortable with.
  • We visit homebound elderly patients to give them eye care in the comfort of their own homes. For nursing home residents we provide care with zero out-of-pocket cost to the family.
  • We provide free glasses repairs for everyone, including visitors and non-patients.
  • We provide compounded medications for patients whose insurance refuses to cover them.
  • We provide vision therapy rehabilitation training completely covered by insurance, unlike most therapists’ cash-only model.
  • We provide dry eye light therapy treatments completely covered by insurance, unlike most providers’ cash-only model.
  • We are in-network with all vision and medical insurance, including all medicaid, medicare, and marketplace insurance, unlike most doctors’ cherry-picking networks.
  • We provide evening and weekend emergency doctor on-call coverage for eye emergencies, so you can receive appropriate care instead of being forced to go to an urgent care or emergency room with no eye doctors and no eye equipment. Is it convenient or profitable for us? No, but it’s what we would do for our own family, so it’s what we do for you.

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