Designer Frames


What Makes a Quality Frame?

  • Titanium + Steel
  • High-End Fashion
  • Mazzucchelli Acetate
  • Metal Embedded in Acetate
  • Warrantee – Free Repair or Replace
  • 5-Barrel, Spring, + Screwless Hinges
  • Hand Polished + Quality Control Manufacturing
  • Custom Frame Measurements by Optician for Optics

What Makes a Quality Lens?

  • Aspheric Front Curve
  • Free-Form Digital Optics
  • Lens Grinding Temperature Control
  • Verified Prescription within ANSI Standards
  • Warrantee – Free Replacement for Scratches
  • Anti-Reflective Coating with UV + Blue Blocker
  • Material to Match Your Purpose (Trivex, Polycarbonate, High-Index)

Our Promise to You

At Bright Eyes Vision Clinic, our Murphy, Plano, and Richardson eye doctors will give you recommendations and access to the highest quality vision products available. We will personally measure, verify, and fit your frame and lens to you. All of our frames and lenses are warranted against manufacturer defects at no cost to you. Come visit our Opticians any time for help finding a new frame or lenses, or adjustments and repairs on your current glasses!

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