Getting the top level of care for your eyes is crucial to keeping your vision at its best. Eye surgery can be scary to those who have never experienced it before, but our team at Bright Eyes Vision Clinic are here to provide you with the best quality of eye care in the Murphy and Plano area. Our physicians perform many minor eye surgeries and procedures. We also have an extensive network to refer you to a specific surgical subspecialist if necessary.

Is Eye Surgery Safe

Just like any type of surgery, there is always going to be some level of risk. These risks are minimized with the use of the highest quality technology and treatments. We are highly trained and well experienced in the practice. Our team will make sure you receive the best quality of eye surgery.

Types of Eye Surgery

There are many reasons why you may need eye surgery. However, these are the most common types of surgery we use.

  • Epilation – Removal of lashes with forceps that cause infection or scratching of the cornea.
  • Meibomian Gland Expression – This is a treatment that is used to help unclog the tear ducts.
  • Punctal Dilation and Irrigation – If you are constantly crying for no reason, it may be caused by a clog in your drainage duct which this surgery is used to treat.
  • Punctal Occlusion – This treatment is meant to put a plug in the drainage duct as a way to keep normal tears on the eyes for even longer.
  • Foreign Body Removal – Foreign bodies can get in the eyes and cause a lot of problems. This type of surgery will remove the foreign body.
  • Epithelial Debridement – Sometimes the eyelids become severely damaged. When this happens, the debridement can make it easier to remove the debris.
  • Placement of Amniotic Membrane Contact Lens – This surgery is used to help prevent blindness from a scratched cornea formed from certain conditions.
  • Placement of Silicone Bandage Contact Lens – This is the bandage that will go on the eye to help with the healing process.
  • Keratoconjunctival Iodine Flush – A new treatment for pink eye that will instantly kill the virus that is causing the pink eye.

Our Team Is Here to Help

Our team at Bright Eyes Vision Clinic is here to help your vision. Whether it is for an annual exam or because of a more serious issue, our team is here to provide you with the eye care you need. Eye surgery can be scary, but we assure that you will get the best quality of eye care in the Murphy and Plano area and we will help refer you to a surgeon if necessary. Contact us today to find out how our team can help.


Surgeries Performed

If some eyelashes grow in at an angle that scratches the cornea, the irritation may lead to ulceration of the eye’s surface and pose a threat to vision.  Epilation performed at your ophthalmology center involves the careful removal of the problem eyelashes with forceps.

Meibomian Gland Expression
The meibomian glands, located within the eyelid, secrete oil which adds to the eye’s moisture layer, keeping the eye’s surface supple. If dried oil remnants or other materials block these glands, the eyes’ tear chemistry can be thrown off. Tears may evaporate too quickly if they lack the proper oil concentration, causing eyes to dry out.  Gland expression occurs with forceps or other safe instruments that can unclog the glands.

Punctal Dilation and Irrigation
This procedure clears out the tear drainage ducts to prevent buildup and blockage. After anesthetizing the local area, a dilator will be used to widen the opening of the duct so that a lacrimal irrigation cannula may be inserted to flush the duct with saline.

Punctal Occlusion
Tears leaving the eye too quickly create conditions for dry eye. Through punctual occlusion, drainage ducts can be safely plugged to keep tears from draining out too much. This allows tears to remain in the eye longer, creating the layer of moisture that keeps eyes lubricated, supple and protected from the elements.  Plugs are made of silicone or collagen, and your eye doctor will likely insert temporary dissolvable plugs first to see if punctual occlusion will be a viable long-term solution.

Foreign Body Removal
Dirt, grit, or any other debris may get into your eye and become stuck there, especially if you rub your eye. It may even scratch your cornea.  Make an appointment at our ophthalmology center for evaluation of your specific case to see about removing it manually or with eye surgery.

Epithelial Debridement
A hereditary condition causes some people to be born with loose skin on their cornea. To correct this, the eye is numbed with drops and then the excess skin is removed before the cornea is “polished” using a technique called diamond burr polishing. This gives the area a clean slate for new skin to grow back properly.

Placement of Amniotic Membrane or Silicone Bandage Contact Lenses
Effects from diseases of the eye’s surface may be helped by a specialized medical contact lens which can not only protect the cornea allowing it to heal but also medicate the eye.  This contact lens is inserted surgically by our ophthalmology professionals.

Keratoconjunctival Iodine Flush
In the past, patients had to let pink eye run its course. Now, our eye doctor can administer an iodine flush that acts as a disinfectant, killing the virus so that your healing time will be much faster.

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